Florida Academy of Ayurveda

I just graduated one week ago, May 7, 2016, so I feel the grace of Ayurveda growing inside me like the energy of spring rebirth! Because of my training at FAA, I trust that my Ayurveda practice will grow and blossom as I do.

This has been a life changing journey for me, beyond my hopes even. It is now my heart’s desire to devote myself to my inner peace and bliss, so that I may share greater harmony in my life.

Denise, your love and wisdom is all embrasive. In you, I behold the true teacher and mentor, who serves by being and living the sattvic qualities we aspire to in Ayurveda. You were the heart of our class circle of amazing women, each one encouraged to explore and experience the principles we learned together. I felt connected with the ancient sages of India down through ages to the present, through the content of our studies, as well as, the manner in which we acquired it.

My heart is ever glad and grateful for everyone involved in the training at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda. I extend my thanks to Kevin for constant support, the family assistance at Balance & Bliss, as well as, the presenters who enlightened us with their specialized knowledge and experience. The commitment required was challenging yet very fulfilling!

Ayurveda is an archetypal science of life that embraces universal truth that can be applied to each individual person, in any culture or spiritual tradition. My Ayurvedic understanding enables me to integrate my past training and experience in holistic arts to serve many others with more confidence, clarity and compassion.

Love always


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